dynaMENT advanced

The application phase for dynaMENT advanced is over. New applications will be possible in 2021.

dynaMENT advanced for female* junior professors, (junior) research group leaders and postdoctoral researchers is a mentoring program to give advice and assistance on career planning /scientific profile, prepares for future management tasks, gives individual, targeted and group specific support of female researchers, and strengthens personal networks.

Training includes:
• individual assessment
• goal-setting and development plan
• one-to-one mentoring (international mentor)
• peer mentoring
• individual coaching
• career workshops
• networking events
• review of development

duration: 2 years

To participate you must be a member of a dynaMENT partner, aiming for a professorship or leading position, be willing to build up a mentoring relationship and participate in the networking and training events.

To apply for the program please submit:
- Application form
- CV
- Letter of motivation (Info)
- Short description of research projects/ post-doctoral thesis
- Publication list

Send your complete application to:

CUI-Office / Julia Panzer

"dynaMENT”, Building 61

Luruper Chaussee 149, 22761 Hamburg
(we do not offer an encrypted procedure)

The Application Process

After we have reviewed your application we will inform you if you are invited to a personal interview in which your CV, your career plans and your personal motivation and your personal goals and objectives for the mentoring will be discussed.

After Acceptance to the Program

You suggest and/or we will look for a potential mentor for you. The matching of mentor and mentee is essential for a successful mentoring process. The mentors could be international researchers. We offer a certain amount of travel grants for travelling to the mentor.

Please note: Being a mentee in this program means you will receive a lot of support. Not only will you have regular meetings with your assigned mentor. You will also receive a close and personal support by the project team. Of course all the discussions will be handled confidentially.

Mandatory Events

Within the program, we offer you the following events:

- The introduction workshop at the beginning of the program will cover information about the mentoring process in general and the role of mentor and mentee. Also, you will define your mentoring questions and goals to support the finding of a suitable mentor. The final workshop at the end of the mentoring will help you reflect on the meetings with your mentor and summarize your success.
- up to 6 individual coachings
- 2-3 accompanying trainings which are executed by experienced external coaches. These trainings cover different individual aspects of a scientific leadership
- 3-4 networking events to discuss specific topics and to give you the chance to build your personal network within the dynaMENT group and beyond

Please note: Attending the dynaMENT events and trainings are mandatory to successfully complete the program. At the end you'll receive a certificate of participation.