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dynaMENT doctorate

dynaMENT doctorate for female* doctoral students is a mentoring program to give orientation towards a career in research, offers targeted and group specific support of female researchers and strengthens personal networks.

Training includes:
• individual assessment
• goal-setting and development plan
• one-to-one mentoring (mentor in Hamburg)
• peer mentoring
• career workshops
• networking events
• review of development

duration: 1 year

To participate you must be a member of a dynaMENT partner, aiming for a scientific career and be willing to build up a mentoring relationship and participate in the networking and training events.

The application process is over. New applications are possible again in 2022.

Apply here for dynaMENT doctorate

Important: Please fill out the application to the end. At the end, the requested documents must be uploaded. Then please confirm your application on the last page. You will receive a confirmation email when we have received your application.

Should there be technical errors, please contact mentoring@dynament.de for support.


In exceptional cases, and if the use of the digital application is not possible, the applications can also be submitted in PDF format.

You can find the form here
- Application form for doctoral researchers
- CV
- Letter of motivation (Info)

Send your complete application to:
CUI-Office / Julia Panzer
"dynaMENT”, Building 610 HARBOR
Luruper Chaussee 149, 22761 Hamburg
(we do not offer an encrypted procedure)

The Application Process

After we have reviewed your application we will inform you if you are invited to a personal interview in which your CV, your career plans, your personal motivation and your personal goals and objectives for the mentoring will be discussed.

After Acceptance to the Program

We will find a potential mentor for you. This matching of mentor and mentee is essential for a successful mentoring process. The mentors are excellent researchers (professors, group leaders, senior scientists, scientific coordinators) on the Bahrenfeld Research Campus and beyond.

Please note: Being a mentee in this program means you will receive a lot of support. Not only will you have regular meetings with your assigned mentor. You will also receive a close and personal support by the project team. We expect you to document your goals in writing and to discuss the ongoing process. Of course all the discussions will be handled confidentially.

Mandatory Events

Within the program, we offer you the following events:

- The introduction workshop at the beginning of the program will cover information about the mentoring process in general and the role of mentor and mentee. The final workshop at the end of the mentoring will help you reflect on the meetings with your mentor and summarize your success.

- 2-3 accompanying trainings which are executed by experienced external coaches. These trainings cover different individual aspects of a scientific career (e.g. self-marketing in science, leadership in scientific areas, conflict management etc.).

- 3-4 networking events to discuss specific topics and to give you the chance to build your personal network within the group of mentees and beyond.

Please note: Attending the dynaMENT events and trainings are mandatory to successfully complete the program. At the end you will receive a certificate of participation.

You can find an example schedule for the program here.

What to expect?

As a first-generation woman in science, having a mentor made navigating the academic space easier. The dynaMENT program has also opened up room for introspection and identifying my core strengths as a researcher, and given me a strong sense of community through the peer network while battling social isolation during a global pandemic.

Oindrila Ghosh, Mentee dynaMENT doctorate

University Hamburg

The dynaMENT Network

The dynaMENT program has given me the opportunity to connect with other women in science, and develop myself with the support of my mentor. Most importantly, it has taught me that I don't have to face challenges alone.

Philine van Vliet, Mentee dynaMENT doctorate


About the program

I am passionate about biomedical research and inspired by the outstanding scientists around me. How do I fit in there? With the help of the dynament peers and my amazing mentor I feel empowered to tackle the challenges I might face pursuing an academic career and to play my strengths. More importantly though, I met incredible women who helped creating a supportive and kind atmosphere to talk about the problems we encounter during our PhD and our worries about the time after - and how to solve (some of) them.


Emma Pietsch, Mentee dynaMENT doctorate
PhD Student, Bernhard-Nocht-Institut für Tropenmedizin

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